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As your website gains its organic reputation over time thru SEO, paid search advertising is great if you want immediate results. When we start a PPC advertising campaign on the major search engines like Google and Bing you can expect a quicker return on investment. PPC advertising is a great way to monitor how your website is converting. It allows you to improve your overall strategy so that when your website is ranking organically, you can capitalize on your lead funnel more efficiently.

Understanding Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is the common terminology for search engine advertising,. As an advertiser, this means you are paying every time someone clicks one of your ads that link to your website.  PPC tends to see results much more quickly than other services, but to maximize your investment it must be managed on a daily basis. We know this, and that’s why we keep an eye on every campaign we manage  at all times. Our team is behind the scenes adjusting keywords, managing ad bids, testing landing pages, reviewing demographics of targets markets, and even adjusting the days and times our clients’ ads are displayed. Because PPC can be so finely tuned, we believe it has a place in every client’s marketing strategy.

How Paid Advertising Is Different at OC Brand Agency

At OC Brand Agency, we set goals with you and create a marketing strategy that utilizes the tools you need to be successful with your advertising campaign. We meticulously monitor the performance of your campaign at all times to ensure a return. We know when to scale up, scale back, or add campaign variables to improve your conversion rate. We have three different levels of paid advertising service based on your specific needs. Some clients just need light support with singular channel advertising, while others need all channels fully engaged with responsive landing pages built specifically to speak to the specific ad content. We assess your needs and create a positive strategy and marketing plan designed specifically to fit your needs.

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