OC Brand Agency is a full service website design & marketing company creating mobile friendly website designs & marketing services for local businesses.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization specialists can build a fully integrated SEO campaign that fits your needs, goals, and budget. Below are a some of the best ways to build a successful SEO campaign.
Keyword Research

A website is nothing without effective keyword research. We'll help you with a list of keywords that will turn your site visitors into paying customers. Once we build that list, we'll implement the keywords in your content, paid ads, and more.

On Page Optimization

In order for Google to understand your company as a website, on page optimization has to take place. At OC Brand Agency, we'll take time to make the big changes and the small detailed adjustments to ensure that Google understands your business website.

Website Content

The best local SEO companies create the best content because the content ranks the highest in search engines. To ensure that your website gets the traffic it deserves, we'll help you to create amazing content that will get you noticed by the search engines.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is the process of improving your company's status among Internet users, specifically in Google search results, online reviews, and other high-traffic areas online. A positive reputation is crucial for local SEO.

Link Building

An impressive backlink profile gives your website more authority and helps you appear as a leader in your industry. Search engines like Google consider both the number and quality of backlinks when ranking sites.

Analytics & Tracking

We install the most current data tracking and analytics to monitor growth strategies to ensure we are working diligently to improve your site rankings to strengthen the user experience of your website visitors.


"I recommend you go to this company. They developed such a beautiful website for our company, not to mention ranking us nationally for targeted keywords with their SEO services within 4 months."

Alex Cruz - Owner

Why Choose Us?

Honoring Client Expectations

While each of our clients has their own reasons for choosing OC Brand Agency, we find that most want a skilled and reliable marketing partner that can increase conversions. Here are a few criteria that may help you determine if OC Brand Agency is a good fit for your needs.


Given the chance, we’ll prove to you that we are an honest company that values your business.


Long term marketing strategy dedicated to accomplishing the goals of your business.

Business Relationship

Always learning about your business to take every measure necessary to ensure a return.

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