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Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to grouping all the factors that tell search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo) what your website is about and how it relates to the keywords being searched. Search engines are constantly calculating search results to ensure they are showing the most relevant content from the keyword searched. They evaluate this in comparison to companies like you, and they rank them in order of their of keyword relevancy. Search engines such as Google provide searchers with the most relevant and search results, and they keep track every interaction between the searcher and the select website to ensure that website is a positive influence on that keyword.

Ranking Your Website Above The Competition

At OC Brand Agency, we implement the best SEO methods to ensure your website is performing at its max potential. We take an integrated approach to search engine optimization as we’ve developed a deep understanding of the various ranking factors and how they are all tied together. Our strategists assess everything the search engine evaluates, from Responsive Web Development to we content and back link properties. We consider your needs and the right technical elements that will inform the ongoing work that we perform, such as researching your keywords and understanding how many people in your area are searching for what your business provides. This will guide the content we produce for your website, the profiles we establish or enhance for your business, the information shared on social media, and the Paid Advertising we manage for you.

The Keys To A Successful SEO Campaign

Our team of SEO experts will work together to build a fully integrated SEO campaign that fits your needs, goals, and budget. Our SEO campaign includes:

  • Creating, maintaining & refreshing your on page SEO web content
  • Building keyword relevant content to ensure the highest ranking
  • Building a positive reputation encouraging company reviews on Google
  • Paid advertising with unique, high-conversion landing pages
  • Promoting your web content online via Social Media
  • Partnering with industry bloggers for opportunities to showcase your expertise or review a product or service
  • Building links to your site from other, high-value sites and establishing your site’s domain authority
  • Refreshing your website technology to stay current as it evolves

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