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Video content for your business is extremely important as majority of the population is engaging on social media networks. Video marketing statistics show that promoting video content thru a website and social media increases conversion rates by 76%. OC Brand Agency creates unique video marketing content that promote, not just a company, but the individual representing it. We strive to bring out the human aspect from the company to increase conversions and build viewers trust within Social Networks and company websites. You can be assured that we strive for long term relationships between the company and its potential customer. We are located in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca and we’d love to sit down and discuss your business video.

Creating unique branded video content

Our Process


We’ll learn as much as we can about your business, like what makes your business or brand special. We’ll talk about your vision and your budget for the video. By knowing your budget for the project we can figure out what’s possible, creatively and technically.
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The next step is shooting your video. We use the latest cameras, high-end lighting and grip equipment, and crews if needed who really know their stuff. All led by directors who know how to work with you to craft a story that exceeds expectations for your business.
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Post Production

The last step is editing your video and mastering the audio from the shoot. We use high grade post-production and quality color grading software to add the perfect final touch to your business video. We're great at editing, motion graphics, color grading, and audio mixing. We can shoot in full HD or analog film formats.

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